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Be Part of Research - Trial Details - The MOMENTS Study: Improving the outcome of pregnancy and early infancy with an intervention using mentors in socially deprived areas of Belfast

The MOMENTS Study: Improving the outcome of pregnancy and early infancy with an intervention using mentors in socially deprived areas of Belfast

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Open to: Female

Age: Adult

Medical Conditions

Infant development and maternal wellbeing

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The recruitment start and end dates are as follows:

01 Feb 2003 31 Aug 2006


2011 Results article in results


Intervention Type : Other
Intervention Description : Participant calculation:Our randomised study with 250 in each group of the trial will be capable (80% power; alpha 0.05) of detecting an improvement of Bayley score at one year of 5 points.

Intervention group:The intervention will be carried out by specially trained peer group mentors from the same geographical areas as the subjects. Each mentor will be responsible for no more than 15 to 18 mothers during the course of this study. The intervention will begin with a home visit soon after booking followed by a minimum fortnightly contact (telephone, home visit or small group meeting, as deemed appropriate by mother and mentor together) thereafter throughout pregnancy. Initial data collected by questionnaire at recruitment by the research midwife will identify known risk factors for pregnant women and their babies and enable targeting of subsequent interventions.

The mentors will provide education on diet, nutritional supplementation, personal hygiene, promotion of breast feeding and avoidance of adverse lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol or drug abuse. In addition they will try to involve relatives and close friends, and encourage participation in both local and hospital based services for first time mothers, including parentcraft and infant feeding classes. Linkage with other relevant support schemes such as Surestart will be offered. The mentors will provide information on welfare rights, housing, accommodation, social support and agencies for issues such as domestic violence if appropriate.

Small group meetings of a mentor and her group of mothers will be organised every four weeks to allow sharing of information and experiences. Another important part of the intervention will be stress management including alleviating, where possible, environmental stressors, relaxation training techniques, using tape recordings, meditating, and listening to music, and training in coping strategies and anger control. After birth the mentors will continue to provide information and support for these mothers monthly throughout the first year, based on the Child Development Programme and including advice on infant feeding, immunisations and self-esteem and confidence, as required. The intervention package will be tailored to the individual needs of each mother and family.

Control group:The control group of first time mothers from deprived areas will have routine antenatal and postnatal care without any intervention from the trained peer group mentors. Contacts with health professionals will be recorded retrospectively from routinely collected child health surveillance data.

You can take part if:

You may not be able to take part if:

1. Women who had been pregnant previously (including miscarriage, termination, stillbirth, live birth) 2. Women with any significant ongoing medical condition which requires regular attendance with a health professional

Below are the locations for where you can take part in the trial. Please note that not all sites may be open.

  • Perinatal Medicine
    BT12 6BB

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The study is sponsored by The Royal Group of Hospitals Trust (UK) and funded by The Research and Development Office of Northern Ireland (UK) - through Targeting Social Needs Initiative; MOMENTS Follow-up Study:; The Research and Development Office of Northern Ireland (UK) - through Recognised Research Group (RRG) Project Support.

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Last updated 11 June 2010

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