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Prof Roger Greenhalgh
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Does angioplasty offer benefit over best medical treatment and supervised exercise training in mild to moderate intermittent claudication (MIMIC) patients?

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Open to: All Genders

Age: Adult

Medical Conditions

Intermittent claudication
peripheral vascular disease

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The recruitment start and end dates are as follows:

01 Feb 2003

31 Jan 2007


2008 Results article in results


Intervention Type : Other
Intervention Description : Supervised exercise therapy versus supervised exercise therapy and PTA.

You can take part if:

1. Patients with stable mild to moderate intermittent claudication2. Patients satisfying the criteria of the Edinburgh Claudication Questionnaire3. Patients suitable for aorto-iliac or femoro-popliteal PTA after duplex mapping or diagnostic arteriography4. Ankle Brachial Pressure Indices (ABPI) <0.9 or >0.9 with a positive stress test i.e. a fall of >30 mmHg following a treadmill test at 4 km/h, 10 degree slope for 1 min

You may not be able to take part if:

1. Patients with intermittent claudication too mild for patient or doctor to consider PTA2. Patients with intermittent claudication severe enough to merit consideration of bypass surgery3. Patients with critical ischaemia i.e. absolute Doppler pressure <50 mmHg, or presence of ulcers or gangrene with a Doppler pressure >50 mmHg4. Patients with ankle/brachial pressure index (ABPI) >0.9 with a negative stress test who could have sciatica or very mild peripheral arterial disease (insignificant arterial disease)5. Patients with musculoskeletal, cardiac or any other concomitant disease that renders consideration for supervised exercise inappropriate

Below are the locations for where you can take part in the trial. Please note that not all sites may be open.

  • Dept Vascular Surgery
    W6 8RF

This information has not yet been provided by the study team. You'll have an opportunity to discuss any risks and benefits that may be associated with this study prior to consenting to taking part.

The study is sponsored by Imperial College London (UK) and funded by Camelia Botnar Arterial Research Foundation (UK); Bard Ltd (UK); Boston Scientific Ltd (UK); Cook UK Ltd (UK).

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