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Barts Health NHS Trust

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Feasibility of the Latella Implant System for Medial Osteoarthritis (OA)


Open to: All Genders

Age: 30 Years - 65 Years

Medical Conditions


The objective of this study is to evaluate the safety and technical feasibility of implanting the Latella Implant System in the treatment of patients with medial osteoarthritis of the knee.

Start dates may differ between countries and research sites. The research team are responsible for keeping the information up-to-date.  

The recruitment start and end dates are as follows:

Nov 2013

Sep 2015


Intervention Type : Device
Intervention Name : Latella Knee Implant System
Intervention Arm Group : Latella Knee Implant System

You can take part if:

Inclusion Criteria: - History of pain as due to medial osteoarthritis Exclusion Criteria: - Rheumatoid arthritis - Joint or ligament instability - Metal ion allergy

You may not be able to take part if:

This is in the inclusion criteria above

Below are the locations for where you can take part in the trial. Please note that not all sites may be open.

  • Barts Health NHS Trust

The study is sponsored by Cotera, Inc. .

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