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Dr Ranjan Thilagarajah
+44 (0)1245 514021

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Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust (BH)

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Transurethral high power (80W) potassium-titanyl-phosphase (KTP) laser vapourisation of the prostate compared with holmium laser ablation of the prostate: a single-centre randomised controlled trial in patients with obst. benign prostatic hyperplasia

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Open to: Male

Age: Adult

Medical Conditions

Surgery: Prostatectomy

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To determine which of the currently used energy delivery systems in laser prostatectomy provides for the most durable clinical outcomes.

Randomised controlled trial

Start dates may differ between countries and research sites. The research team are responsible for keeping the information up-to-date.  

The recruitment start and end dates are as follows:

01 Nov 2005

01 May 2007


Intervention Type : Procedure/Surgery
Intervention Description : Patients will be invited to participate in the study from the out-patient clinic at the time a decision for surgical intervention has been made. They will have 2-3 weeks to consider whether or not they wish to participate and those electing to join the study will be asked to contact the Clinical Nurse Specialist for formal enrolment and randomization. All patients will be given appropriate information leaflets outlining the aims of the study. Patients electing to join the study will not undergo any further or additional investigations over and above that which is currently regarded as standard or routine practice within the department. The only variable they will submit themselves to is the formal randomization to a particular treatment arm.

You can take part if:

All patients will undergo routine assessment to include uroflowmetry, prostate size assessment, PSA testing and an IPSS score. Those between the ages of 55-75 and have Qmax flow rates of <15 ml/sec and an IPSS score of > 12 (moderate-severe LUTS) and have PSA measurements within the normal range will be eligible for the study. Patients with prostate volumes of between 40-120 cc will be deemed suitable for laser ablation surgery.

You may not be able to take part if:

Patients with prostate volumes of greater than 120 cc may require open surgery and those with prostate volumes of < 40 cc may simply require bladder neck incision and are therefore exclusion criteria. Patients presenting with chronic urinary retention will be excluded from the study. These patients may have atonic bladders and voiding difficulties following the procedure may be more difficult to interpret for the purposes of the study.

Below are the locations for where you can take part in the trial. Please note that not all sites may be open.

  • Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust (BH)
    CM1 7ET

The study is sponsored by Record Provided by the NHSTCT Register - 2006 Update - Department of Health (UK) and funded by Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust (UK) .

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