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Dr James Warner
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W6 8RP

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Randomised controlled Evaluation of Home treatment for Older People with Mental Illness


Open to: All Genders

Age: Senior

Medical Conditions

Mental and Behavioural Disorders: Mental illness

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1. By means of a randomised controlled trial. We will evaluate the impact of home treatment of older individuals with severe mental illness on: A. bed occupancy and admission rates. B. satisfaction, Quality of life and Mental Health. C. Adverse outcomes. D. Mental Health and quality of life of carers.2. By means of a cross-sectional survey using a semi-structured interview with purposive sampling, we will identify stakeholder views on the home treatment service with particular emphasis on: A. Problems with introduction of home treatment in this service. B. Issues of establishing home treatment to other services.3. Using a combination of qualitative and quantitative data from (1) and (2) above, we will ascertain those elements of the treatment service that are judged to be of value from the perspective of service providers and consumers. The null Hypothesis for the study is that intensive home treatment of older people with mental illness confers no advantages in terms of outcome, satisfaction, quality of life or costs compared with usual care.

Randomised controlled parallel group trial

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The recruitment start and end dates are as follows:

01 Mar 2005

28 Feb 2006


Intervention Type : Other
Intervention Description : Participants will be recruited to the study at the point an admission is considered by the clinicians and randomised to home treatment as usual (2:1). Treatment will be for up to 8 weeks and participants will be evaluated at baseline, 8 weeks and 6 months.Delivery of a multi-disciplinary intensive home treatment service versus usual care.

Added 21 August 2008: the trial was stopped in August 2005 due to very poor recruitment.

You can take part if:

1. Age 65 and over living in North Kensington or Westminster2. Able to give informed consent (or assent if unable to give real consent) 3. Adequate English to complete questionnaires4. The participant meets the operational criteria for admission to the home treatment team which is mental illness/impairment or personality disorder with one or more of the following:4.1 Risk of suicide/self harm, self neglect,harm to others and or loss of contact to the service4.2.Non-adherence to therapy4.3 Institution of new therapy4.4 Stabilisation of mental state4.5 Observation of mental state4.6 Relief/respite for carers4.7 Faciltate early discharge

You may not be able to take part if:

Admission to continuing care or long term in-patient.

Below are the locations for where you can take part in the trial. Please note that not all sites may be open.

  • Psychiatry
    W6 8RP

The study is sponsored by Record Provided by the NHSTCT Register - 2006 Update - Department of Health and funded by London West Mental Health R&D Consortium, CNWL Mental Health Trust (UK); NHS R&D Support Funding .

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