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  • Video description - Thousands of people across the UK take part in research each year because research provides the knowledge we need to help us live longer and healthier lives. Find out why we need more people to take part.

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Descriptive transcript

0:00 - Title frame

[Be Part of Research logo]

0:05 - Onscreen text

[Why be part of health and care research?]

0:09 - Audio

Across the UK, people like you are transforming health and social care.

How? By being part of research.

Research provides the knowledge we need to help us to live healthier for longer and provides clinicians and social care providers with the knowledge they need to provide treatment and care.

Research can lead to earlier and more accurate diagnosis, better treatments, recovery and care. It can even prevent diseases from starting in the first place.

But research can only happen if people like you get involved. Every volunteer makes a difference.

By getting involved, you could:

  • Help to prioritise, design and shape research studies
  • Access potential new treatments
  • Learn more about your condition
  • And help future generations to live well

Be Part of Research can help you find out more about what health and social care involves, how you can be involved in shaping research, what happens on a study, and find out what research studies are taking place near you.

Be part of something amazing, Be Part of Research.

1:21 - Title frame

The title frame from the beginning of the video with Be Part of Research logo is replayed.

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