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Video description - Health and care research helps improve lives by shaping the care provided by the NHS and finding new treatments. Find out how research benefits participants and the wider community.

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Descriptive transcript

0:00 - Title frame

0:01 - Audio

Kim, cancer research participant: The diagnosis came as a big shock to me. I didn't have a reason to believe that it was going to be cancer.

David, heart research participant: I had an aortic dissection which needed immediate surgery to repair it and had I not had surgery I would have died from it.

Jodie, diabetes research participant: I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 28 weeks into my pregnancy. I felt like I'd failed and done something wrong.

0:25 - Onscreen text 

[Life-changing health research starts with people like you.]

0:30 - Audio

David: I really felt quite grateful for having survived, and very interested in what could be done with research to move things forward.

Jodie: So I was introduced into the project by my dietitian and my diabetes nurse.

Kim: Having had heart issues before, I knew that the trial would help save my heart from excess radiation, and when I found that out I knew that it was a great idea.

Dr Serge Engamba, GP and NIHR Research Lead: The National Institute for Health and Care Research is a national organisation which is looking at improving health and care research.

Dr Helen MacDonald, NIHR Chief Operating Officer for East of England: So research is really important because it's one of those things that is happening all the time, and for many of us we're not really aware of it, but actually we all benefit from the research that has taken place.

Kate McCloskey, NIHR Community and Care Lead: Research is paramount. It really helps us to understand new treatments, new possibilities, we're learning all the time about things that can improve people's lives.

Dr Helen MacDonald: If you're thinking about a paracetamol tablet that you might have taken or something that's perhaps a little bit more serious, treatment for cancer, all of those treatments will have been through a research process.

1:37 - Onscreen text

[Together we can give people better lives, now and in the future.]

1:41 - Audio 

Jodie: As part of the trial I was given a menu each week that I could pick foods off that were delivered directly to my door so I didn't have to go out and get them.

Kim: Once the treatment started I had something to focus on then.

Dr Adam Peel, NIHR Research Nurse: We need people from all across society to get involved - age, ethnicity, gender, social background - we need to make sure that everyone who wants to be involved in research can be so that the answers we get apply to all of us.

Thanh Hang Morris, NIHR Research Practitioner: It's very important to get more people involved in research. It might not benefit you immediately but it will have an impact on other people. It could be your family, your friends, your neighbours.

David: Well I know I certainly wouldn't be alive if other people hadn't done so. I think it's important that we make progress in scientific research to make sure that the treatments that are available in the future just get better and better.

Kate McCloskey: I would really encourage you to look at any research opportunities. It's your chance to make a difference.

Dr Serge Engamba: If you are ever approached to contribute to research in any capacity it would definitely help us, help you and help the care that we deliver.

Kim: To anybody who gets approached to take part in a clinical trial then definitely go for it. It's going to be beneficial to you, and if not just for you then for others as well.

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  • Middle of frame - onscreen text: Health and care research can only improve and save lives with the help of people like you. Be part of research today and help us improve the care and treatment of tomorrow.
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