'Advice for GPs on encouraging people to take part in research' - video transcript

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  • Video description - Maria Catton took part in the ALPHA trial, a study recruiting patients with severe hand eczema. In this short clip she encourages GPs to have a conversation that inspires confidence and to explain why it's worthwhile to take part in research.

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[Maria Catton, ALPHA trial patient]

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I think GP should be more aware of what they can offer, because it's not always purely from a medicinal point of view.

If they build a confidence in people being recruited - build a confidence in that person that they will be helping themselves, as well as others - I'm sure people would definitely be available. 

Because we find a satisfaction in that. I find a satisfaction in that - that I've helped myself and I'm helping other people through the research and whatever results they may get from whatever experience I’ve provided.

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