Real life stories

Every volunteer is unique, and everyone makes a difference helping transform research and healthcare.

Jane Owen

Jane is a retired physiotherapist who was awarded the Alan Nabarro medal for living with Diabetes for over 50 years. She wholeheartedly supports research and believes she wouldn't be enjoying such an active life if she hadn't taken part.

Taking part in research has allowed Jane to learnt a lot about her condition, benefit from closer monitoring and learn what treatments work best for her.

Harry Murdoch

Born more than 15 weeks early, Harry is taking part in research to help future premature babies.

Stephen Burgess

A retired Methodist Minister from Cambridge is taking part in a rare cancer trial in the hope that he can help other patients and the NHS in the future.

Irene Soulsby

Surviving breast cancer inspired Irene to get involved in research. She's now a Patient Research Ambassador and taken part in studies as a 'healthy volunteer'.

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