Find a study

This website helps everyone to find and take part in health and care research. But where to start? By using the guidance on this page, we’ll show you how you can either search for a study on this website or be matched to a suitable one by registering with us. 

Either way, you’ll find out how you can play a key role in improving standards of care and developing new treatments for future generations.

Search for a study

Finding a study that interests you is the first step. You may have a specific condition in mind or be looking for a research study close to home. If you’re inspired to see what’s on offer, use our study search tool

A-Z list of conditions

Our A-Z list of conditions makes it easy for you to search for a research study relating to a specific condition.

What to do when you find a study

We’re excited you’ve found a study that you’d like to take part in. The next step is to contact the specific study team via the link to their website, or the contact details on the study page. They’ll take it from there and be your point of contact moving forward.

We understand that you may be nervous or unsure about what you should be asking the study’s team. Rest assured, many people experience this. That’s why we created a list of questions to ask the study team - to help you get the conversation going. 

Register and get matched to suitable studies

Registering with Be Part of Research means keeping up to date with the latest opportunities in health and care research.

Sign up online and choose the health condition, or conditions, that interest you. We’ll send you details of suitable studies matching your interests. You can then decide if you want to take part.

Giving your consent to take part

Giving consent means giving your permission to take part in research. On our consenting to a study page, you can read more about what this means and how it works.

As a legal requirement, it’s essential you understand this, but rest assured that your study team will talk through the consent process with you.

Supporting research without taking part in a study

Taking part in research studies may not be for you. But you can still play an important role in shaping health and care. 

Find out about other ways to support research.