Ways you can help health and care research

Every day millions of people volunteer their time for causes that are important to them. We’re highlighting the range of ways you can get involved with health and care research. 

From helping to design a research study to promoting research in your local communities  or volunteering to take part in a study or trial. Your support makes a difference.

Each year thousands of people volunteer to take part in health and care research. Thanks to their contributions, we're finding life-changing treatments and improving care for all. 

Be Part of Research is a free service helping people to find and take part in health and care research across the UK.

Life changing treatments start with people like you.

You can help us to reach half a million volunteers on our service. As easy as 1,2,3.

  1. share a few short details about yourself
  2. we’ll match you to suitable research studies that you can take part in
  3. studies are sent straight to your inbox and you decide if you’d like to take part

This service is funded by the public and managed by the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) - in partnership with the NHS, and UK government. 

Who can take part in health and care research? 

Everyone can take part in research. You can get involved if you have the health condition being studied. But you can also take part if you have an unrelated health condition, or even if you don’t have a health condition at all.
Learn more about who can take part in research.

Why do we need everyone to take part?

Every day in the UK, someone receives a diagnosis for a disease or health condition. The treatment, care and support they receive will be shaped by research. That’s why we need everyone to take part.

Volunteers share their experiences of taking part

Volunteers are essential to our work. Members of the public are our greatest strength and we could not do our work without their help. 

Monica, West Norfolk

Monica joined the BISIL study in 2023 when the leg ulcer she developed wouldn't heal with antibiotics.

She was treated with a new type of wound dressing. And after less than a year, Monica is already noticing an improvement - with her wound now half the size.

Under 15? You can be a research hero too.

Help pioneer new treatments for millions of people by helping to unlock the power hiding in your DNA. If you’re under 15, the NHS and NIHR BioResource need your help to improve care. Everything from better understanding mental health to combating diabetes. It's as simple as spitting in a tube.

Find out how you can join D-CYPHR today.

Help to shape and design new research projects

There are different types of volunteering opportunities available to you. You can also get involved in research by becoming part of the team that works together to design and run a study. Your opinion and expertise as a patient, or member of the public, is important for healthcare, social care or public health research.

Learn more about shaping and designing research

Get your volunteer journey started

Sign up to Be Part of Research to be contacted about a range of health and care research. Or check out our full list of studies to see if one is right for you.

And if taking part in a study doesn’t feel right at the moment there are other ways to get involved in research.