Make future research breakthroughs possible

People like you have helped research to fight back against COVID-19.

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The vaccines, treatments and tests that have turned the tide against the pandemic have only been possible thanks to the thousands of people who volunteered to be part of research.

But the challenges don’t stop there. Volunteers are still needed for studies into all conditions, including diabetes, cancer, mental health and dementia.

The more people who take part in research, the greater the chance to make a difference for everyone in the future.

Spread the word

Throughout the pandemic, record numbers of volunteers have enabled research breakthroughs at a pace never seen before.

Imagine the difference that research could make if we kept up the momentum for other conditions.

Please tell everyone you know about the value of being part of research, so as many studies as possible can find the volunteers they need.

Go further

Volunteering for studies isn't the only way support vital health research. There are plenty of other ways to get involved, from becoming a research champion to suggesting a topic for research.