Mandy has diabetes. She is Ollie’s (COVID and Me, first collection) neighbour and, together with her family, has formed a bubble with Ollie.

Ollie is encouraging Mandy to face her fears about catching COVID-19. Mandy wants to be able to hug her children without fear of catching COVID. She needs to be brave and consider taking part in a vaccine trial that needs people from all walks of life to take part. In this film, she shares her vaccine hesitancy.     

Written By: Judith Johnson     Performed By: Bella Hamblin  

Background to this project

Building on the inclusive approach of COVID and Me (the first collection of short films we co-produced to raise awareness of COVID-19 research) we are again employing the art of storytelling and drama to build awareness and trust in vaccine research.

You will see a number of characters from the original series making a return as we chart their progress through the pandemic. 

We hope the films are a powerful way to engage communities to start their own debate, overcome fear and help people start to break down their barriers to vaccine research.