Ife is trying to find love during lockdown and social distancing.

Having nearly lost her father to COVID in the last COVID and Me series, Ife is trying to convince her date not to believe all of the conspiracy theories that are rife in the community and to follow her lead and to do his part by signing up to take part in the vaccine trials.

Written By: Farah Najib      Performed By:Adaya Henry

Background to this project

Building on the inclusive approach of COVID and Me (the first collection of short films we co-produced to raise awareness of COVID-19 research) we are again employing the art of storytelling and drama to build awareness and trust in vaccine research.

You will see a number of characters from the original series making a return as we chart their progress through the pandemic. 

We hope the films are a powerful way to engage communities to start their own debate, overcome fear and help people start to break down their barriers to vaccine research.