Tie your camel up


Set against the backdrop of the death of Asif’s (first series of COVID and Me) father from COVID-19 and his brother Saif’s ICU recovery, this monologue focuses on the influence that family members have on people’s views of taking part in vaccine trials.  Asif challenges the power of cultural norms of generational hierarchy using a story from the Hadith and not letting ‘faith bow down to fate’. 

Written By Sudha Bhuchar

Performed in English and Punjabi by Peter Singh  
Performed in Urdu b
y Rehan Sheikh 
Performed in Bengali by Apu Chowdhury


Background to this project

This collection buildd on the inclusive approach of COVID and Me, the first collection of films to raise awareness of the importance of COVID-19 research and the barriers to taking part. 

We are now using the art of storytelling and drama to build awareness and trust in vaccination research. You will see a number of characters from the original COVID and Me series making a return as we chart their progress through the pandemic.  

This is a powerful way to engage communities to start their own debate, overcome fear and help start to break down barriers to vaccination.